Asco Pompe S.r.l. developed Health and Safety System certificated by BS OHSAS 18001:2007 by notified body
The main system’s aspects includes: respect of Safety, Hygiene on the workplace and the rules of fire prevention.
The commitment to continuous improvement is oriented to the personal that operate daily within the Organization and to respect the community in which the Company operates. The Health and Safety System management, encourages the involvement and participation of all staff, both inside and outside the company, and is constantly updated to ensure their functionality.
This Safety Policy is checked and updated according to evolution of the reference legislation and the assessments expressed during Management Review.

Asco Pompe promotes its Management System for Health and Safety (MSHS). Such a system throughout the company enforces respect of the procedures for safety, for the maintenance of hygiene and for fire prevention. Therefore, the company pursues the satisfaction of both the customer and of its own personnel, and operates in accordance with the laws and regulations of the territory. The MSHS encourages comments and suggestions from all employees to ensure its continual improvement. Both the Board of Directors and management ensure that the mission of the Company is implemented through strategic directives which promote the development of the business while observing our safety and ethical procedures.

In order to implement the Safety Policy, Asco Pompe:

Respects the laws and regulations issued by the authorities
Allocates proper resources to ensure satisfactory conditions of health and safety in the workplace
Manages the company’s processes efficiently
Minimizes risks in the work environment
Pursues continuous improvements in performance.

In order to implement its safety policy, Asco Pompe pursues continuous improvement, and intends to achieve its above mentioned goals through the following:

Recognition, verification and integration of necessary steps for pursuable objectives
Appointment of personnel to ensure proper safety awareness
Use, wherever possible, of the best available technology
Definition of safety goals, and the integration of such objectives in all segments of the company.
Understanding and implementation of this policy and its management system at all levels of the company, and that the system is supported by periodic activities of education and training
Pursuit of compliance with correct safety on part of the supplier
Effective prevention, management and analysis of emergencies
Completion of internal inspections
Public availability of this document

This Policy is distributed to all personnel to guarantee that everyone is properly informed; it ties in with the other company policies which are set to constantly improve its performance and its adherence to the ethical principles outlined in our mission.
It is also available upon request by Suppliers, Customers, and others with relations to Asco Pompe.

This Policy is periodically reviewed and updated.
Rozzano (MI), 04/02/2014