Asco Pompe S.r.l. is adopting a quality system which meets UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 standard, as instrument for continuous improvement.
The company’s commitment efforts to ensure the quality of its work and their products, are oriented not only to the customer, but also to the staff, the communities and the community in which it operates.
The adopted quality system, encourage the involvement and partecipation of all staff to ensure efficient and effectiveness process.


This Quality Policy is checked and updated according to evolution of the reference legislation and the assessments expressed during Management Review.

A top priority for Asco Pompe is ensuring the satisfaction of its Customers.
Asco Pompe adopts the Quality Management System (QMS) according to standard UNI EN ISO 9001 as an instrument to implement its Quality Policy and pursue continuous improvement; this is geared not only to our Customers, but also to staff, the territory and the communities in which we operate.
The QMS of Asco Pompe encourages the involvement and participation of all staff and is continuously updated to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency.
The objective, mission, guidelines and priority values of Asco Pompe reflect the principles with which the Management determines the strategic choices for business development on one hand, and on the other, the behavioural guidelines for employees and contractors who work with unity of purpose in achieving planned results.
– The corporate mission of Asco Pompe is the ” Production and sale of pumps, valves and measurement instruments; design, manufacture and sale of integrated systems for the management of fluids”, with the aim of being an ideal partner which, thanks to our professionalism, organisational and relational skills, quality of the product and service, offers the customer individual solutions for all requirements within the field of “Fluid Handling”.
– Our main values are our customers, suppliers, employees, communities, stakeholders.
In order to implement its Quality Policy, Asco Pompe is committed to:

• promoting and disseminating a culture of continuous improvement aimed at ensuring the product’s conformity/quality and customer satisfaction.
• Engage, motivate, spread awareness and enhance human resources through organisational measures, theoretical and on-the-job training.
• Promote the continuous improvement of processes, services and products to achieve effectiveness and efficiency, eliminating – through preventive activities – all forms of inefficiency and waste.
• Manage Audit of critical suppliers and their quality for a more efficient evaluation allowing the best choice in the case of absence of constraints imposed by customers.
• Create continuously, fast and steady the needed documents for qualifications required by new customers to increase the chance of Asco Pompe to get into their vendor list.
• Use technologies and products with low environmental impact in respect of the territory and of the community, and in accordance with applicable law.
• Ensure compliance with the legislations/standards relating to quality, safety and health protection of workers.

The Quality Policy is integrated with other corporate policies and strategies aimed at improving productivity, profitability, reliability and image. Asco Pompe defines yearly improvement objectives on the basis of which to measure and evaluate the validity and the effectiveness of its QMS. To better assess both internal improvement and customer satisfaction, a set of Quality indicators have been introduced that are monitored on a regular basis.

The Quality Policy and objectives that we have set for ourselves can be achieved only if we believe that our first and irreplaceable resource are people, with their skills and experiences, with the enthusiasm of younger generations and the experience of older ones, with their creativity and the desire to be a team.

Rozzano, November 09, 2016