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The internal gear pumps series represent the solution to all pumping problems thanks to a wide choice of construction materials and configurations. Complies with API 676, the packing box is designed to connect DIN 24960 unified mechanical seals in each version. The design guarantees reliability in services with high pressures and high temperatures. The “back – pull out” structure allows easy maintenance without removing the pump from the pipes. Options: jacketed head, by-pass, treatments for abrasive products.

The gear pumps of the ‘Heavy Duty High Speed’ series have been designed to allow direct coupling of the pump to 4 and 6-poles electric motors. The reliability of high-speed performance is made possible by a shaft bearing system with two ball bearings. Low installation costs are guaranteed by the absence of coaxial gear units. Available materials are: Cast Iron, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. Available head jacket for temperature control of the pumped product or by-pass valve.

Gear pumps are designed to convey abrasive products. This series is equipped with parts subject to wear in Tungsten Carbide and friction faces in mechanical silicon carbide, thus obtaining longer life of the pump and lower running costs. Suitable for paints, inks, sludges and asphalts, it is available with surface hardened parts. Mechanical sealing system with external flushing. The easy adjustment of the alignment as a function of viscosities makes abrasive resistant series ideal for a variety of applications.

The ‘Asphalt-jacketed’ gear pumps series are designed to move liquid tar with the presence of solids. Thanks to the possibility of being completely heated, with steam, diathermic oil or electrically, they can be used at high temperatures. The use of Tungsten-Carbide components allows the pumping of liquids containing abrasive solids. Cast iron in a packing version.

‘Magnetic-Drive’ gear pumps are designed to transfer hazardous, difficult to be contained or high-value liquids, and are ideal for caustics, isocyanates, solvents and mercaptans. Available materials are: Cast Iron, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. In the standard version it is possible to provide jackets on the head to control the temperature of the pumped product. The ‘Mag-Drive’ series includes a wide range of flow rates, ANSI or DIN flanges, IEC or NEMA motors, compliance with ATEX and API 676 standards. In addition to the ability to run dry for short periods, a robust construction with optimized support allows operation up to pressures of 14 Bar.